It only took an hour, British Vogue, and a model to make me care about my health (and happiness). Brittany also had something to say.

It is no secret that I think health/wellness is a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo; I mean, I barely believe I need to drink water regularly. It’s not that I don’t think it works, I just never thought that I was the type to buy into it — I am very noncommittal when it comes to health trends and I regarded wellness as one in the same. But wellness is different, it’s not about health in the setting we normally see it (i.e. green juices, hot yoga, kale & quinoa, etc.); it’s about being able to support your own bodily ecosystem through mindfulness and yes — at times a balanced diet.

What I love about this doc is the exploration of the various techniques a person can use to achieve “wellness.” Though I assume they should be used in conjunction with one-another, the doc shows that wellness is a journey that one must take on their own; but that doesn’t mean it can’t affect a community. It really inspired me to reflect more on my actions and think about how those actions can benefit me in the long run.

Camille and her journey for wellness is a super relatable one because she’s not perfect. Though her diet is balanced and she uses vitamin supplements daily, her habitual smoking shows that you don’t have to be perfect to work towards a better you. You don’t even have to have a set goal in mind to become more mindful.

An interesting point made (that really spoke to me), was that people often substitute things that give them immediate happiness (like food) for things that would bring them more sustainable genuine happiness (for some that is going hiking but for others it’s traveling.) By utilizing mindful techniques (mentioned in the doc if you’re lost), we can learn to find happiness in things that we both need and want in our lives.

Anyway, I thought the documentary persuaded me to move towards a happier more mindful life so I thought I should share it with you. Don’t worry, I’m sure I will have a rude comment to make sometime soon — there are always a few things on my shit list. 👑

If you’re looking for a step-by-step how-to on “becoming a better you,” this is not the doc you’re looking for. It is far, far better than that. Camille Rowe approaches multiple wellness habits with genuine curiosity, and demonstrates that every person seeking a happier and healthier life should do the same.

Wellness is not about sticking to a routine that makes you miserable, it’s about creating and cultivating a lifestyle that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin (whether that comes from energy-rich crystals or daily meditation). If you’re still on the fence about watching, at least do it to hear Camille Rowe snort-laugh 50+ times — this is quite possibly the main takeaway. 👽

Here is the full doc for your viewing enjoyment:



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