I have decided to share my favorite places in Paris, a list I have been curating  for months now. These are places I have visited somewhat frequently, highly recommend, and would be very sad if I never went back to again. On y va!

(Note: I used this photo bc it was taken at one of my listed locals but also bc I look great.)

Le Petit Cler
If you’re looking for a very French looking experience, I think LPC is as close you can get without invading a Parisian home. I’ve been no less than five times, love the croque madame, poached egg salad, and the gin fizz. They also do daily specials which all sound amazing; pot au feu was a winner during my last visit. Definitely would love to go back for the duck confit. Other bomb thing about this place? Prices are hella reasonable – I’m telling you it’s an all around winner.

Olivier Mekerbeche
A boulangerie with sandwiches that have fed me once a week for four months. Mekerbeche is a bit on the expensive side for a neighborhood boulangerie but you absolutely get what you pay for. Their sandwiches range from $4.50 to $7, there’s definitely cheaper but seriously the best I’ve ever had. They also have great pastries (croissants, pain au chocolates, tarte framboise, etc.) The service is also great — 10/10 would recommend.

Musée de l’Orangerie
The basic bitch I am, I love me a Monet (sorry Erin.) L’Orangerie isn’t much of a secret but definitely less of a tourist attraction than the Louvre or d’Orsay. Hint: Book your tickets to the Louvre (so you can skip the lines) and walk to this museum to kill time. Other than Monet, there are a few Picasso’s on display as well as some Renoir and Cézanne.

Jardin du Palais Royal
A park that’s only a 10-minute walk from the Louvre yet, feels so secluded. This is one of my favorite parks in all of Paris (even though I haven’t made it to the Luxembourg garden yet.) Maybe, it’s because Café Kistunè is here or because it’s smaller and feels like you’re no longer in Paris. Regardless, certainly a must see IMO.

Was first recommended this place by my French Civ professor and god bless him because I have found what I assume to be the best ice cream in the world (no Chunky Monkey but I digress.) It’s so fresh, cream, and real tasting. Real tasting? Real tasting. Rum raisin tastes like rum raisin, hope you like salt in your salted caramel because there it is. It is just pure good happiness and I imagine that if love (the pure kind everyone feels for Harry Styles) was an ingredient it would be whatever Berthillon puts in their ice cream.

Trois Fois Plus de Piment
NOT FRENCH FOOD JUST VERY GOOD FOOD. That’s a warning, this place serves sezchuan noodle bowls and WOW, everybody I have taken here simply dies for it. I’m just going to tell you my order and let that sit with you — pork dumplings with magic sauce and dan dan noodles with peanuts (I LOVE PEANUTS IN SAVORY DISHES.) Relatively cheap, major winner.

Folks and Sparrows
I think what I liked most about this little coffee spot was that it reminded me of a place Brittany showed me just across the street from FIT. It really isn’t anything to write home about (as I blog about it…) but it feels like the owner went to NYC saw a coffee spot in the East Village and rebuilt it top-to-bottom in Paris. I will say, while the coffee was just aiight the two guys who helped me made me laugh so it’s a winner in my book. Also, it took me 4 months to find a decent ice coffee in Paris.

Wow, super fuckin’ packed pharmacie that’s kind of not even worth the visit? Listen, if you’re a hoarder like me you will want to make the trip to Citypharma. It is widely regarded as the cheapest/best pharmacie in Paris and while I do agree that City has deals (all the time) that smaller pharmacies only get once a week for the same product — I would never go back here again. Posts on what I bought from City is here.

Rue Saint-Denis
What I refer to as “The Prostitute Street” actually has a lot of great smaller clothing shops for a variety of different styles. There’s a whole lot of vintage which is great (guess what — they all have the same thing), different cafes, and some beauty/cosmetics stores too. It definitely isn’t a MUST see but the prostitutes (respect the grind) are v interesting.

Angelina Cafe
Ok, I lied — I have only been to Angelina once but damn if it didn’t change me as a person. I have to be real for a sec, I am not the biggest fan of hot chocolate. I love the idea of hot chocolate but rarely does my expectation live up to the reality. I do have a few exceptions (my mom makes a mean cup of salted hot chocolate & Starbucks does it right every once in a blue moon) but on the reg a Swiss Miss doesn’t cut it. Now, imagine if you will, what it would taste like if you took a 70% cacao chocolate bar melted in whole milk the added fresh whipped cream and a little bit of love (9 euros worth of love.) That is what they put in a cup of Angelina hot chocolate — it was the best money spent since I’ve been here. (My aunt paid for it which is why I didn’t say it was my money — I don’t have $9 for hot chocolate.)



2 thoughts on “10 Places You Should See: Paris

  1. The Jardin de Luxembourg is absolutely beautiful – the sort of place I’d love to take a picnic lunch to and a stack of books and just while the day away in the sunshine. I first visited Berthillon when I was in Paris last October and it lived up to (perhaps even exceeded) expectations – that trip left me wanting to try more flavours! (A great pity I don’t live closer.) Will have to investigate some of the other spots on your list for when I’m next in Paris!

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