Here’s the thing, even though I use sensitive skin products on my face I never really considered my skin to be sensitive. Sure, I have rosacea but I rarely break out or get reactions. I never thought products wouldn’t work for me… until now.

The Embryolisse Lait-Concentrate says it’s for all skin types which could definitely be true but my sneaking suspicion is that they’re lying. First off, this product has a scent (like Pond’s cold cream) which is a huge no-no in the skincare world. I never really paid attention to scents in skincare products before because, again, I never had issues like that but using the LRP Baume (all LRP products are made by dermatologists so you know its (Kanye West Presents) G.O.O.D. (music)) may have made me notice that my skin is more sensitive than I thought.

I had been using the Lait-Concentrate for about a week with no specific results, good or bad. I actually liked it as a light-weight day friendly moisturizer because the Baume is just a little too rich for the day. It’s what I expect the consistency of the Glossier moisturizing primer to be but still moisturizing. Then, I went to Nice.

Maybe it was traveling, or the sun, or stress (even though I had finished all my finals the day before), maybe even the air. Who fucking knows? But I will tell you what, my face had a moment. I noticed in the airbnb that the bottom right part of my face had blisters, was enflamed, and itchy as hell. I was genuinely concerned I got a flesh eating disease because of a story Kenny told me about this cream cannibals use to make their victims easier to eat.

The only aspect that was really new about my skincare routine was the Lait-Concentrate so I assume that did it? I am terrified to try it again but for you, the reader, I shall suffer.

Also, as proof of my theory that the ocean heals literally everything, the first day in Nice (when I had the reaction) I kept putting salt water on my cheek and when I got home the redness and bumps decreased immensely. They came back the next day (without the fervor of the previous) which made me go get some actual cream to heal my situation. I have ended up using that as my all over face moisturizer and can I say? It’s pretty fucking bomb.

Anyway, be cautious in these streets my kid — not all products tell the truth.

EDIT: So, I may have been wrong about Lait-Concentrate. I have used it a few more times and have not had a terrible reaction so I am led to believe that it was something else. I would still say that the scent may cause irritations and if you’re weary in the slightest you should definitely pass on this one. The consistency is great for pre-makeup moisturizing though — I do think that Glossier has modeled their Priming Moisturizer after this.



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