Ok yes, a Kardashian did recommend this product (to me personally.)

I have stretch marks, big surprise. I assume you also have stretch marks and thats okay. My stretch marks have never really bothered me but if Kim Kardashian (and Morgan Stewart) tells me to get something I’m going to fucking get it. Can I be real? It’s kind of fucking amazing.

Bio-Oil is a French skincare oil that claims to moisturize, hydrate and nourish skin while helping to reduce the look of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and aging skin. It also mentions that it can be used in the bath or after sun. Bio-Oil absorbs so easily into the skin, considering it is an oil it give you a really beautiful glow but doesn’t make you feel greasy in the slightest. It also hydrates the skin so well that after it does absorb into the skin it make you feel like you just did a collagen mask all over your body β€” plump and hydrated.

There is also something about a body oil that feels so luxurious and rich. Bio-Oil isn’t even particularly expensive but something about the exceptional quality makes it worth every penny and any doubt. I love body oils in conjunction with a cream moisturizer because I pride myself on never being a dry or crusty bitch β€” something I know most of you cannot say. I think I have said it before but it should be repeated β€” you need toΒ exfoliate and moisturize. A happy and fulfilling life begins with proper self care and I don’t trust anyone with a crusty elbow.

Now, for the claims of erasing stretch marks. It fucking works you guys. Now, I am an inconsistent human being so I can’t really say that my stretch marks are gone but they definitely faded after a week of use. The box says to apply twice a day, every day, for three weeks to notice a vast difference in look. Even with my inconsistency, I noticed an actual difference in the color of my marks which is something I never really thought I would see without the use of a laser. It should also be said that because I have tanned, my marks should be even more prominent than usual — they aren’t.

Also, this oil is cheap as hell which doesn’t affect the product which is amazing. I got the smaller bottle to make sure I actually liked it before investing in the full sized bottle but at $20 it’s the cheapest cosmetic surgery you will ever have. Bio-Oil is honestly magic in a bottle.



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