I am a victim of redness and IT Cosmetics is my lord and savior.

My truest day one is rosacea. She’s a real bitch and we aren’t even really friends. I’ve struggled with redness since before I can remember. I found solace in makeup because I was so self conscious in my skin (even though nobody ever commented on it.) Now, I have learned to be comfortable without makeup but sometimes I want to look like a perfectly airbrushed god without the struggle of fussing with 8 different products.

That is where Bye Bye Redness comes in. I didn’t think a single product could make my skin look basically perfect but I was so easily proven wrong. Now, I am a pretty big fan of It Cosmetics β€” the CC+ cream is the most luminous skin-looking full coverage foundation ever. But, the CC+ can be fussy on my skin and I am really particular about the way my face looks when I do actually wear makeup.

Bye Bye Redness was created as a product to use under foundation or on its own and I have used it both ways. The product does a fantastic job at covering any discoloration and making a perfect canvas for whatever products you apply. The other important part of my makeup routine, with this product as opposed to a regular foundation, is that it cuts my time from 20 minutes to just over 10.

There are aspects of this product that I don’t love. Firstly, I love a luminous and glowy look β€” the more skin like the better (a bitch might even want to look like an oil slick.) This product is matte in every sense of the word but that problem is somewhat fixed with moisturizer prior to application, Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray post application and some Glossier Haloscope for highlight. I say somewhat because it still looks matte, just not as matte.

Second, if you’re not careful this will stick to any dry skin on your face. That again is easily fixed by making sure you wash your face prior to application, regularly exfoliate, and a use really thorough face moisturizer. Lastly, it can look odd when you’re wearing a product that comes in one color but you’re another β€” I usually just warm up my face with some bronzer but darker skin tones will not be able to use this product without a foundation on top.

I apply with a flat top kabuki but you can apply in any way your comfortable. I find that the brush makes application so quick and effortless that I can do half my face in seconds. This also makes it a perfect travel makeup essential β€” no beauty blender needed. At $32, add to list of Holy Grails (hint: once a year IT Cosmetics has a 25% off sale which is when I decided to make the purchase.)



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