Queue that one song from 1408 starring John Cusack (the lesser of the Cusack Siblings.) For reference click here.

So, it is officially my final semester of school which is insane and I hate it. I’ve always felt older than I was, an adult from age 13, but now that actual adulthood is almost here its hard to believe I would pretend to smoke cigarettes with markers and “pop pills” with an assortment of small colorful candies. By the way, I don’t even do that shit in real life now, I just watched too much Gossip Girl.

I’m not even sure what to talk about in this post because I’ve been so mundane this past week but I have a lot of plans this semester so some interesting #content should come out of that soon. In the meantime, what do you guys want me to talk about? Oh, you want to hear my recipe for the best quinoa on earth? Say no more (I’m  making quinoa right now and this is all I can think of, I’m so sorry.)

I use tri-color quinoa because Kenny told me to, and while its boiling I add half a block of dried chicken stock, a shit ton of smoked paprika, a bit of pink salt, and ground pepper. Wow, that took less time than expected. Do you want to know how I am doing? I just spent $4 on two, count that two, avocados because the bag of six I got from Trader Joe’s yesterday aren’t ripe yet. Sometimes I can’t believe my own audacity.

Another shift of the gear, I have officially caught up with Riverdale so now I am on to bigger and better things. If you like the concept Crown but wish it wasn’t so historically accurate the Masterpiece Classic: Victoria is current favorite of the moment. I watched the first season while in Paris and finished it in a day. Now that the second season has started airing in the U.S. that is the only thing I am giving my attention to at the moment. The episodes usually clock in at an hour and 45 minutes, so its like watching a movie. The costumes and cast are fantastic and there are dogs so what more could you ask for?

Anyway, I guess that is all I can squeeze out of me at the moment. I promise my life isn’t as messy as this post was. I promise I will be back next week with something a bit more cohesive.




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