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“Positive Vibes Only”

Does that phrase make you want to slap somebody, too? It’s said under the assumption that always being positive is actually possible, or productive. It isn’t either.  Continue reading ““Positive Vibes Only””


We love making mood boards (thanks to the ‘saved’ Insta feature) so we thought we should share them with you. Every Wednesday you can check back here (or sign up for our emails in the menu bar above) to get a new v chic screensaver for your phone.
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A Greasy Guide

While trying to figure out which of the 7 deadly sins best represents who we are, Aphrodite said with WAY too much certainty that mine was gluttony. After a thorough denial period of being completely offended, I’ve decided to capitalize on this sin of mine. When I crave food, it is always this kind of food: undeniably bad for me, inarguably delicious. If this sounds like you, too, hit up one of these 4 spots in NYC to satiate that hunger and then hate yourself the next day :). 

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Self Love Is Hard, Who Knew?

I think we all know by now that fulfillment is a topic constantly occupying my brain, and at this moment in my life, this concept is inextricably linked to self-love. We hear when we’re growing up that “confidence is attractive” and if you don’t have it, you could just “fake it until you make it.” I have problems with these statements already: 1) the concept that confidence is for other people and not yourself already pushes you to be confident for the wrong reasons (attractiveness) instead of the right reasons (happiness), and 2) it’s so hard to pretend to be confident when you don’t have confidence. If it wasn’t, everyone would go around walking like Beyonce. And in case you haven’t been outside lately, they do not.

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YouTube Is Still The Shit

YouTube has always been my favorite social networking site, ever since my middle-school self accidentally stumbled upon a makeup tutorial while searching for a Taylor Swift music video (different times). Although it has changed a lot, and not necessarily for the better (*ahem* the Paul Brothers *ahem*), here are some of my fave YouTubers who still make it feel like the real deal. Continue reading “YouTube Is Still The Shit”