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*Lenny Kravitz voice*

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10 Places You Should See: Paris

I have decided to share my favorite places in Paris, a list I have been curating  for months now. These are places I have visited somewhat frequently, highly recommend, and would be very sad if I never went back to again. On y va!

(Note: I used this photo bc it was taken at one of my listed locals but also bc I look great.)

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Le Diet Parisien

I have developed a fool proof diet and the only rule is, you eat whatever the fuck you want. Before I left for Paris, I limited my intake of grains to basically none. Flash forward, and I eat at least two types of grains a day and I’ve lost 15 pounds since moving here. I walk wherever I go, and haven’t had soda since I left the US, and I’m so fucking happy. I love any place that will make me thin without even trying.

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