Stretch Marks be Gone

Ok yes, a Kardashian did recommend this product (to me personally.)

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Get Lait-ed

Here’s the thing, even though I use sensitive skin products on my face I never really considered my skin to be sensitive. Sure, I have rosacea but I rarely break out or get reactions. I never thought products wouldn’t work for me… until now.

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10 Places You Should See: Paris

I have decided to share my favorite places in Paris, a list I have been curating  for months now. These are places I have visited somewhat frequently, highly recommend, and would be very sad if I never went back to again. On y va!

(Note: I used this photo bc it was taken at one of my listed locals but also bc I look great.)

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Choses de Paris

I found these cool pieces while out with Erin on our way back from the MusĂ©e d’Orsay. They’re vintage so they’re one of a kind. I’m putting them on my blog because I’m that bitch. The bijouterie, which will remain anonymous because you know how much I hate sharing my finds, has been open from the 1920’s — super cool shit. Anyway, I spent $19 which is a fucking steal and I can’t wait to go back to pick up some gifts for a selected few as well as some more “treat yo self” items for myself.

You can find some similar (more expensive) pieces at Ventrone Chronicles, which inspired my purchases.