Back on the Saddle

Is it β€œin” or β€œon”? I don’t actually care.

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A Greasy Guide

While trying to figure out which of the 7 deadly sins best represents who we are, Aphrodite said with WAY too much certainty that mine was gluttony. After a thorough denial period of being completely offended, I’ve decided to capitalize on this sin of mine. When I crave food, it is always this kind of food: undeniably bad for me, inarguably delicious. If this sounds like you, too, hit up one of these 4 spots in NYC to satiate that hunger and then hate yourself the next day :).Β 

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Water (a necessary evil)

I am going to shock you right now, I hate drinking water. Water, in most circumstances, is boring and lame and I genuinely always feel like I am drowning when I drink water. Am I dehydrated? Yes. Does it show? Probably. But I am trying to change my ways, I have been forcing myself to consume at least five bottles of water a day β€” which is definitely less than I need but I am starting off small because I so viscerally hate the thing that sustains my life. Continue reading “Water (a necessary evil)”