A Musical Big Bang

Up All Night: The album that literally created music.

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Fuck Makeup, Skin is More Important

I always get asked about the best makeup, and usually I will give some bullshit answer about how *insert mid to high-end product here* is amazing but *insert drugstore brand here* is also great for what you pay for. The truth is…

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My Big Secret

I have a major secret that I keep from everyone I meet. Can you guess what it is? No, it’s not that I love Harry Styles — I’m open about that and I feel like everyone deserves to know about our unwavering love for each other. My secret is something I can never and will never share.

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Water (a necessary evil)

I am going to shock you right now, I hate drinking water. Water, in most circumstances, is boring and lame and I genuinely always feel like I am drowning when I drink water. Am I dehydrated? Yes. Does it show? Probably. But I am trying to change my ways, I have been forcing myself to consume at least five bottles of water a day — which is definitely less than I need but I am starting off small because I so viscerally hate the thing that sustains my life. Continue reading