Third Time’s the Charm

After they take you home… you make some Midnight Memories. (They’re telling a very specific story with these album titles.)

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YouTube Is Still The Shit

YouTube has always been my favorite social networking site, ever since my middle-school self accidentally stumbled upon a makeup tutorial while searching for a Taylor Swift music video (different times). Although it has changed a lot, and not necessarily for the better (*ahem* the Paul Brothers *ahem*), here are some of my fave YouTubers who still make it feel like the real deal. Continue reading

Everything You Should Already Be Watching

I’m going to try to be as original as possible…

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New Year, New Faves

I spent the greater part of January padding around my home in Connecticut being an all around sloth TBH. But it wasn’t a total waste of time, because I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite things I used and/or experienced this month for your perusal! Dive in folks.  Continue reading

One at a Time

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think multitasking is the worst. The worst for you, the worst for your work, the worst for your fun. It’s probably the bane of our existence. You may now be thinking, “How melodramatic can one person be?” and I’m here to show you, VERY. 

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Hollywood Feminists Ain’t Shit

With all disrespect, you know what I am talking about.

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A Cup of Covfefe

As told by me and based only on my opinion.

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