Fuck Makeup, Skin is More Important

I always get asked about the best makeup, and usually I will give some bullshit answer about how *insert mid to high-end product here* is amazing but *insert drugstore brand here* is also great for what you pay for. The truth is…

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Gatorade For Your Skin

I guess I like smelling like a fruit salad?

I was over Aphrodite’s house when I first tried the *heavenly* Garnier Fructis SkinActive Gel Moisturizer. I had just taken a HOT shower because I couldn’t figure out how to make the water colder (showering in other homes is so confusing), and my skin was aching for some TLC. I took a tiiiiny dime-sized amount of gel from the jar, because I’m a nice friend and was conserving her product, and it was seriously all my face needed to bounce back from the hell it had just endured.

The gel sank instantly into my skin, hydrating it like a bottle of Gatorade does a marathon runner. Contrary to the aforementioned sports drink, there are no electrolytes in this product—but damn did it feel good.

During winter in Manhattan, the frequent weather changes and unforgiving wind makes skin about as smooth as a rocky beach. The rich Olay moisturizer ($27) I was using was super softening, but the moisture wasn’t long-lasting enough for my parched skin. I bought the Garnier gel ($7) on a whim during a quick pitstop to Duane Reade, fondly remembering the way that it smoothed all the cracks in my facade.

Seriously, this stuff seeps into the skin. I made a mental note to tell my roommate about this skin-saving gel, only to have her tell me later in the day that she has been using the best moisturizer of her life: Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb. It’s a bit pricier than my gel, but the results seem to be more intensive as well. The Garnier SkinActive products have a subtle fruity scent, akin to the fresh smell of a fruit salad. (They are made with fruit water after all.)

I never knew this line would be so good, but it looks like Aphrodite isn’t the only one with holy grails.

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